Buying a new property represents a chance to start over for most home buyers. They can leave behind the outdated, mismatched decor from their old house and start over in the new place. There are so many design styles out there that it can be hard to choose just one per house or even one per room. We've designed this article to introduce you to some of the popular decorating styles to help you decide what you want to use in your home.


Those who favor clean lines and a modern look would do well to consider a contemporary design scheme. Contemporary does away with the excessive ornamentation of other styles and focuses on functionality, which can make it a great scheme for a bachelor pad or a small space. Black and white are the dominant colors in a contemporary scheme but are often complimented by a single striking block of color, such as on one wall. Furniture lines and finishes should be straight and smooth.


If a graceful, warmer, more historic style is your preference, you may well like the traditional style. In a traditionally decorated room, floral prints, dark wood, upholstery, and curved lines are used to evoke a more elegant period in the past. Because of its graceful and more feminine nature, this style tends to be more favored by females who have control over the decoration than males. This style also tends to be more expensive, as you won't be able to find appropriate furnishings at IKEA.


Though many elements of the Oriental design style have been in use in Asia for thousands of years, their popularity in North America is relatively recent. People doing home renovations are increasingly turning to Asian styles for a clean, elegant, exotic look that will set them apart from their neighbors. Wood flooring, furniture, and accents are popular as are area rugs and painted or plain screens to accent floor lighting and section off portions of rooms. Patterns that make use of traditional Asian plants, such as cherry and bamboo, are popular, as are potted plants like bonsai and Zen gardens.


Sometimes homeowners who are ordering reclaimed wood cabinets do so with the intent of bringing a little more of a relaxed country lifestyle into their condo. If a cozy country style is your aim, focus on finding items that are well worn to create a lived in feel. Use natural colors, patterns, and materials in your furnishings and accents and try not to make the space look like it was purchased all at once from a designer catalog.

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