When you're designing a space you usually have a budget that you need to stick to. For some people creating rooms within their current condo, they might have the money to go down to a outdoor furnishing store and buy everything brand new right out of the box. The rest of us need to find some ways of saving a dollar or two while still creating a design that we are happy with. If you're a person who has a gift for the thrift then you might want to think about adopting a shabby chic design for your city condo or home in the suburbs.

Shabby Chic is described as using pieces that have visibly aged over the years and mixing them with soft and more feminine pieces. This is different from the pop-Victorian style, which is more of an eclectic look with no solid design theme. When you look at homes for sale that have been designed in this style you will usually see older furniture that has been painted over several times, antique fabrics, and anything with roses on it.

This design movement started with real estate throughout Great Britain and was first seen in large country homes and with those who were trying to get that same feel in the city. One of the key ingredients to building a shabby chic design is to include recycled pieces, like furniture and linens. The original properties that were done in this style were quite elaborate but you will now see homes in Toronto or even in Miami with a simpler design simply inspired by this movement.

If you are in love with older Victorian homes then you might be a fan of shabby chic. This brings together that feminine look, lighter tones and softer features with more modern pieces. You will find that this style is popular with those who are doing more budget designs on their property, as it allows them to shop at thrift stores and antique shops rather than places where they would be purchasing newer pieces. There are certainly many people living in trendy lofts in big cities to homes in small-town Ontario who love the look of shabby chic.

This is also a great design choice for those that are moving into their first home, as they might be getting some older furniture from relatives and friends to fill up their space. All you need to do to turn something shabby into something chic is make sure that you have a definite design in mind. So, if you're using an older bed then you might want to spruce it up with newer linens that are inspired by antique patterns.

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