Most people think the stereotypical bachelor pad has leather recliners, a big screen TV, and lots of chrome and glass furniture, but many condos that contain only a single man actually tend to be rather sparse. Unlike women, most guys will not take the trouble to make their place look good. They will stop once the space is functional. However, if you do this you are missing out on the added benefits of decorating, which we will explain for you here.

Decorating isn't about making your home appealing to other people who might come over and visit, although most people think it is. Decorating is actually the human way of marking their territory. By filling your spaces with items that mean something to you, you are claiming the space and making it a place where you feel comfortable - a space you enjoy being in. So if you have blank walls and bland furniture and you spend most of your time elsewhere, this could be why.

The solution, then, is to decorate. Many men believe decorating is a "female" thing, but it's not. Decorating is for everyone. Because of this there are a million different ways to decorate. You might fill your place with squishy sofas and picture of scenery or handmade wooden furniture. Contrary to popular belief, not everything has to coordinate. When you decorate your pad, you're the one person you're trying to please, so as long as you like it, everything's great!

Shopping for furniture and decorations for your new apartment can be a challenge because if you're unsure about what you want. Relatives, friends, and salespeople may zero in on you and start making suggestions about what "goes with" what. Ignore these people. This is your space. Choose your own purchases based on how you feel about them. So if that antique globe really calls to you, buy it! If you really think that tool rack would be cool in the living room, get it! Bachelor pads don't have to coordinate.

It's important, when you decorate your space, to indulge all your whims. Remember: right now you have only yourself to please. In a few years you may be buying real estate with a partner and your chance to own a vintage foosball table will be gone. If you can't afford the pieces you want, check yard sales, flea markets, Kijiji, Craigslist, Ebay, and secondhand shops to see if you can get a used item at a better price.

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