You've decided you want to incorporate the nice, clean look of wood flooring into your new home. Congratulations. Before you go calling the flooring installation people, however, you're going to want to sit down and think about what type of wooden floor you want. There are many different types of wood, each with its own special look and characteristics which make it suitable for different uses. This article will help you choose by laying out some of the popular choices for wood floors.


Walnut, like Cherry, is a hardwood that comes from deciduous trees, which means it is harder and stronger than wood from coniferous trees. Both walnut and cherry are often used in wood flooring and custom framing because they are dark and have a reddish tint to them that can compliment certain decorating schemes. Walnut fades over time and cherry darkens. These woods are also very popular for furniture and cabinetry, largely because of its great looks, but also because of its beauty. You can view some photos of custom made wood decks online.


Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods because of its color, texture, and durability. Most "traditional" looking wooden floors use oak, which can be done to match home furnishings and moldings. It comes in two colors, "white" which is actually a light brown, and "red" which is the same wood with a pinkish tinge to it. Website sponsor: Bear Equipment Inc. (please visit our website).


Building contractors often like to use maple, a member of the hardwood family, in new homes because it is a distinctly Canadian wood. Like birch, it is also much lighter in color than oak or walnut, making it more suitable for brightening rooms with less natural light or darkly painted walls. Maple costs around the same as other hardwoods.


Wooden floors that come from coniferous trees such as pine and fir are also known as softwoods because they lack the hardness and durability of their deciduous cousins. They also grow faster and are more common than hardwood trees, so although pine doesn't have the same upscale appeal as oak or walnut, it is correspondingly cheaper, which can be great for a cottage or accent furniture.


Bamboo isn't a wood but a grass, but it is an attractive option for wooden flooring because it offers the hardness and look of deciduous wood like oak without the price and environmental impact because bamboo grows much faster than trees. You can get bamboo for your floors in colors that mimic almost any other type of wood.

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